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technical items

A long experience

With technical knowledge gained over years in business we can create the most varied technical items.

  • Articles in rubber, polyurethane, silicone, moulded and drawn.
  • Rubber and rubber/metal anti-vibration parts; sleeves and socks in rubber and PVC; custom extruded profiles in expanded and compact rubber and silicone; sealing profiles with regular section in expanded rubber, PVC, silicone with and without adhesive.
  • Fiberglass braids, sock braids, threads, ribbons; protective sheaths also silicone-coated for high temperatures;
    aramid fibres (Nomex, Kevlar)
  • Buckets, nuts and bolts, sliding blocks.

And moreover…

We can help you in the most difficult processes.

  • Cut pieces, die-cut pieces, custom made parts; moulded in rubber, PVC, PTFE, PA, PU, HDPE,
    plastic materials in general; gaskets.
  • Rubber, silicone and polyurethane coatings for rollers, plates and parts generally subject to wear.