Our products

We have a wide range of rubber and PVC belts, Veimax® cleaning systems, rubber and PVC hoses, rubber and PVC sheets, plastic materials, technical articles and custom-made parts ready for delivery from our headquarters.


Conveyor and elevator belts also for the food industry and ATEX compliant.


Cut pieces, die-cut pieces, custom made parts and coatings.


In rubber, plastic, polyurethane, silicone, moulded and drawn.


Veimax® scrapers in polyurethane and tungsten.

Innovative solutions

Our skilled and qualified staff is always available to propose innovative and suitable solutions to satisfy all of your needs.

Our experience has allowed us to work in any sector from steel, to stone, to glass, to sugar and last but not least in the world of medical and pharmaceutical applications. Thanks to our 3 and 5 axis machining centres and waterjet cutting machines, we are also able to create any particular design.

Technical assistance

Our technical sales staff is available for all of your needs to find the right solution.

Cleaning and maintenance

We give you continuous support

We have the best maintenance products

VEIMAX® branded cleaning systems have been studied and conceived within Perontecnici to help solve all the inefficiencies that are often found in conveyor systems using rubber or PVC belts, with the aim of making the whole handling process more efficient thus obtaining not only a lower expenditure of energy and maintenance costs, but above all a healthier environment for all workers.

Thanks to our experience acquired in the most varied production sites, we have designed and manufactured a series of scrapers suitable for all needs, find out more by visiting our website.